How to Choose Your Neighborhood

When buying a home, an insider tip I often share with clients is to choose your neighborhood wisely. When you choose your neighborhood you should learn if it has the amenities you are looking for such as shopping, great schools, nightlife, or religious organizations that you are interested in. Visiting the area, going to local … Continued

10 Reasons New Construction Is the Best Choice

No matter your life stage, whether you are looking to buy your first home, have a growing family, are retiring, or are just looking to upgrade, buying new construction is the best choice. Here are my top ten reasons why new construction is the route I almost always advise my clients to take: BESPOKE AND … Continued

Why An Excellent Realtor (like Craig Levine) Is Your Best Weapon!

As a buyer, you always have something that realtors like to call “buying power.” But when it comes to new homes and new construction builds, you’re not simply going through as traditional realtor to realtor transaction – instead, there’s a builder involved. Craig Levine has you covered. When you choose to work with a realtor, … Continued

Finding Deep Builder Discounts When Buying New Construction

Nobody likes to pay full retail price. Fortunately, Craig Levine has expert advice on how to secure deep builder discounts in order to help you save great amounts of money! Read on for the ultimate tricks that unlock secret builder incentives and deep builder discounts when buying in a new development or a new house. … Continued

5 Mistakes an Expert in New Construction Can Help You Avoid

For many homebuyers considering a newly constructed home, having a say in the home’s design, and its fixtures and features is a really important selling point. The ability to customize your home is certainly an important factor when considering which home to buy, but it is not the only reason that a new construction home … Continued